Why Regular Check-ups Are So Important For Children

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It’s Never Too Early To Start Taking The Necessary Steps To Maintain And Improve Your Child’s Oral Health And At Iris Dental We Love To Play A Role In This Vital Process

Many parents wonder about the age at which to start being concerned with your child’s oral and dental health and the answer is really as early your baby’s infancy. As a new mother, you might want to begin with an oral hygiene routine as you start with breast or bottle feeding. Once their teeth come in you will also need to keep them clean and you can even give their gums a little wipe down with gauze or a soft cloth. But outside of the care that you can give your baby, it is incredibly important that you bring them in to see us at around 2 years old or earlier if they are having problems. So why is it so important for your little one to receive quality children’s dentistry?

Specialist Care Insights

The care that your child will receive when they visit us goes far beyond what we can offer in the short time that they are with us. We know how important it is that your child’s oral health is always in the best of shape and so we provide expert advice on how to keep baby’s mouth clean. We will teach you how to properly floss and brush their teeth and provide you with a wealth of information on how best to stay on top of any potential issues that may come up between visits.

The Benefits Of Early Treatment And Care

Children’s dentistry, much like any other, is always at its most effective when it is preventing problems rather than fixing them and good oral hygiene is your child’s first line of defence against things like plaque, cavities and gum disease. By becoming aware of these concerns early, it means that we can treat them before they have the chance to become more severe and so preserving your child’s oral health. We also use highly specialised instruments that are able to clean your child’s mouth and get to areas that brushing and flossing don’t.

Establishing Healthy Dental Habits

One of the easiest and simplest ways to make sure that your child develops healthy habits is by bringing them in to see us regularly. Research says that children that make regular trips to the dentist are far more likely to maintain good oral hygiene throughout their lives. Almost as important as establishing these good habits, is establishing a good relationship between your child and their dentist. By entrusting us with your child’s dental health over a number of years, we can treat them more effectively, efficiently and with better results. It is also a great opportunity to break the stigma that a lot of children have about dentists (earned or not) and to forge a relationship that they see as being beneficial.

If you need more information about your Child’s oral health or ready to book an appointment, contact our team today.

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