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We offer restorative dental treatments to help you maintain a healthy smile.

Restorative dental work may not only help with the comfort of your teeth but with the function and overall aesthetic as well. There are a number of different restorative treatments available and a number of reasons why you may wish to seek restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry can help you keep your natural teeth even after suffering damage. If you have tooth decay and cavities, then you may need a filling or multiple fillings. More serious tooth decay could require dental crowns, and decay which has reached the inside of the tooth and infected the pulp may need root canal treatment. Dental crowns and bridges can also be used if you have lost teeth due to injury or trauma.

Maintaining the health of your teeth is vital for your complete well-being. If you have found yourself falling behind on this or if you are experiencing some discomfort or pain, you may be in need of some restorative dental work. From minor restorative work to replace your teeth, with our comprehensive range, we have the treatment solutions for you. All of the solutions we offer will be tailored to specifically suit to your mouth and will blend in well and look natural. Once you come in for an assessment, we will develop an individualised treatment plan for you to restore your smile.

Whether you need to replace your missing teeth, straighten your smile or correct your bite, restorative dental treatments can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.

Which type of tooth restoration is best for you?

Your dentist will give you advice and advantages and disadvantages of all our treatments to allow you to make an informed decision. The best type for you will depend on how big the restoration is, whether it is a visible part of the mouth and cost.

In our practice, we mainly use composite (white) fillings or ceramics. However, you have several options:

  • Silver Amalgam (an alloy that contains silver, tin, copper, zinc, and about 50% mercury): Average longevity is 15 years, silver colour; low initial cost; best in small-to-medium-sized restorations of posterior teeth.
  • Gold Inlays and Onlays: Average longevity 20 years to life; gold colour; high initial cost; may be used in any size restoration in any location where metal is not displayed.
  • Resin Composite (plastic): Average longevity 10-15 years; tooth-coloured; moderate cost; best-used in small-to-medium-size restorations for any teeth; direct one-day placement.
  • Glass Ionomer: Average longevity 10 years; tooth-coloured, fluoride containing plastic type filling. Not very strong, so wears down quickly. Good for fillings in children’s teeth, or as a temporary filling, or in a patient with a lot of decay.
  • Ceramic Indirect: Average longevity 10-15 years; tooth-coloured; moderate-high initial cost; best in moderate-sized restoration for any teeth; two-appointment placement.

Dental Clinic Point Cook

This information is provided to help you make better decisions about the use of materials and tooth restorations in your mouth. Many types of metals are used in dentistry for the replacement and rehabilitation of oral structures. Most of these metals are considered to be inert when placed in the body while others have been criticised as potential toxins or allergens to some people. Plastic and ceramic are used commonly as tooth restoratives and have not had adverse biologic responses.

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