Considering Getting Your Teeth Whitened?

Achieving your perfect smile can sometimes be difficult when only using toothpaste to try and remove stains from your teeth.

Luckily with ZOOM! Teeth Whitening our patients get a safe, cost-effective way to obtain that whiter and brighter smile they have been chasing. Stains and discolouration on our teeth or even trauma to baby teeth are both examples where teeth whitening can be beneficial. Should the teeth require further attention, the teeth whitening could even serve as the step prior to cosmetic treatment where you could achieve a uniform appearance in the teeth.

The cosmetic whitening process makes whitening your teeth effortless. Before any whitening can take place, we do an examination of our client to ascertain whether there are any restoration problems. Once we’ve decided that bleaching is appropriate for you, we take a look at your mouth and take a few X-rays to be on the safe side.

At Iris Dental here in Point Cook, we are passionate about helping people of all ages find their own perfect smile and teeth whitening treatments are a great way to restore their natural lightness. We pride ourselves on the calming environment of our Point Cook practice where our clients feel at ease.

Take-home whitening treatments

Before we can apply the whitening gel to your teeth, we need to make an impression of your upper and lower teeth. Once the measurements and impression are complete, a special bleaching tray is made from the impression so it fits your mouth to the exact detail. The tray itself usually takes about a week to make and once it has been, you come back to collect it along with instructions and supplies. We will show you how to correctly go through the process of applying the whitening gel to your teeth.

Our standard recommendation is to use the tray and gel for 1-2 hours at a time, twice a day for a 2-week period. Your results will slowly begin to fade over time and so we advise coming in every 6 or 12 months for a touch up to keep your bright smile shining. Your teeth are unlikely to change so your trays will still fit correctly. Our clients can always top up their whitening gel should they run out with one of our syringes.

Many of our clients choose to go for a more immediate result in their teeth whitening by coming for an in-office whitening. This will take the dentist about 1-2 hours to complete, for you to gain at least 2 shades whiter on your teeth. To have the best possible results we recommend using the at-home whitening gel for longer lasting effects on your perfect smile.

Are there side-effects?

The gel we use in our teeth whitening treatments has been proven to be completely safe and effective, doing no damage whatsoever to the enamel of your teeth. At worst you may experience some teeth sensitivity which is very unlikely because of the gel concentration that we use. However, should this occur to you stop the use of the gel for 1-2 days to give your teeth time to recover and then resume the teeth whitening treatment again.

Bleeding gums and gingivitis may cause your gums to feel irritation after use of the whitening treatment which is why we recommend a proper cleaning of the teeth before continuing with the gel treatment. This will give the whitening gel an even better chance to fully maximise the whiteness of your teeth.

The teeth whitening treatment will have your teeth looking fresher and brighter than ever; however, it can’t account for different fillings already in your teeth. Some old fillings will likely have to be changed should you wish them to better match your new whiter teeth. Porcelain veneers are a good replacement for old fillings and help to get rid of tetracycline stains.

To find out more about our teeth whitening treatment, or to make an appointment please click here.

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