Sedation dentistry

Iris Dental offers sedation dentistry for nervous or anxious patients

Sedation dentistry is a popular way for many nervous or anxious patients to receive the treatment they need. At Iris Dental in Point Cook, we offer sedation options for eligible patients.

Fear of visiting the dentist

Dental phobia, or fear of the dental experience, is not uncommon. Many Australian adults experience this fear and it is what stops them from getting much needed dental care. Often those with fear or anxiety around visiting the dentist will wait until the pain is unbearable before visiting the dentist.

The issue with this is that quite often these serious issues could have been prevented with a simple check-up and clean. Except for a nervous or anxious patient a check-up and clean isn’t seen as a simple thing. That’s why many dentists offer a range of sedation dentistry options.

Iris Dental’s main goal is to help patients achieve a happy and healthy smile, whether you’re anxious, nervous or just uncomfortable with the idea of sitting in the dental chair, our sedation options can help you.

Get the treatment you need

If you are nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist, Iris Dental’s sedation dentistry can help alleviate some of the fear. With laughing gas (nitrous oxide), you will feel relaxed and calm.

Nitrous oxide is a breathable gas with no colour, smell and it should not irritate you. The nitrous oxide should kill pain as well as induce a pleasurable feeling. After breathing in the gas for a few minutes, you will start to feel the euphoric effects throughout your body. The gas will make you feel a bit light-headed and quite often people get the giggles (hence the name: laughing gas).

Making your sedation dentistry appointment

When you make your appointment with the friendly team at Iris Dental let us know that you would like a sedation option for your appointment. It doesn’t matter whether you need a check-up and clean or a more involved treatment, Iris Dental will help you receive the treatment you need, and we’ll help you be as comfortable as possible during your dental appointment.

If you would like to know more or to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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