How to Win With Braces


Tips and Tricks for braces users

Anyone who has had braces will tell you that one of the best days of their lives is when the device is removed – revealing a fresh, new smile – a product of dedication and commitment from both you and your orthodontist. However, every reward follows a little effort, so to help you achieve your goal of a better smile, Iris Dental shares 13 tips for orthodontic success!

Braces Tip 1: Do not give up

The time frame for your orthodontic treatment largely depends on the seriousness of your dental problem. Some may require treatment for six months, while others could be made to undergo treatment for as long as two years. Whichever situation you find yourself in, know that you will eventually reach your goal and the device will become a part of your day to day life, although it may not feel like it at first. In fact, your mouth may feel unnatural once you remove your braces after some time!

Braces Tip 2: Document your progress

Seeing your smile transform into one that you have always wanted, is an amazing feeling. So take mouth photos at least every month and watch first-hand how your teeth move into place. This will also help you to know that your efforts in maintaining braces are not in vain.

Braces Tip 3: Be prepared

We love being asked questions as it shows our patients are taking an interest in their oral health. Before you go through with orthodontic treatment, do a bit of research and jot down questions that you like to enquire with us.

Braces Tip 4: Know what to expect

During the first few days of having braces, you may feel slight pain and discomfort. Having the device in your mouth will feel a bit strange, but trust us when we say that you will get used to it. At first, your body will take some time to adjust and you may notice that your mouth has a little more saliva than usual. You may also notice subtle changes to your speech but you will adjust to this as well. We suggest you drink or eat something cold, like ice cream, to numb any pain you may feel. You are also advised to eat soft foods during the first week of having braces.

Braces Tip 5: You can adjust a broken wire

 A loose wire, jarring against your cheek can be painful and most irritating. While you should let us know of any changes to your orthodontic device, you may also temporarily take the problem into your own hands until you get to the dentist. You can gently shift the wire into place by either pushing or poking it out of the way with the eraser end of a pencil or a cotton swab. Cover the leftover wire with dental wax.

Braces Tip 6: Switch to an electric toothbrush

Now you will have to clean more than just your teeth and getting around the brackets and wires can be slightly challenging. While manual toothbrushes can get the job done, an electric one is far easier to use and can clean those hard to reach spots in your mouth like your back molars. We hate to sound like mom, but remember to brush twice a day, for at least two minutes!

Braces Tip 7: Adjust your flossing routine 

Flossing changes and you would have to switch to an orthodontic floss. If you have trouble flossing with braces, a water pick can make things easier.

Braces Tip 8: Fluoride is your new best friend

Add a fluoride mouthwash to your oral hygiene routine which helps rid bacteria and fights against germs throughout the day.

Braces Tip 9: Stock up for emergencies

Put together a braces care kit and carry it in case of an emergency. The kit should include a travel toothbrush with a cover, mouthwash, floss, toothpaste and dental wax and a mirror! Remember to check your teeth for food particles after you eat.

Braces Tip 10: Do not forget your general dentist

Cleanings and check-ups remain important with orthodontic treatment to keep your mouth clean and your gums healthy. You should schedule an appointment every three months and an orthodontic appointment every six weeks to track your progress.

Braces Tip 11: Your teeth may feel loose. Do not panic!

This is absolutely normal as your teeth has to be able to move and set into position. Do not worry as they are properly secured by the device and tooth loss as a result of orthodontics is rare.

Braces Tip 12: Do not forget the mouthguard

This should be an essential even without braces. We are all about health and fitness but not at any cost – especially when it regarding your teeth. Speak to us about having a mouthguard custom made, in order to reduce the risk of serious dental injury when playing sport.

Braces Tip 13: Avoid the hard foods

 We know we sound like a broken record with this one, but chewy meat and hard to eat foods are big no’s when you have braces. Although crunchy vegetables and fruits are great for your body, they may not be as great for your teeth when you have braces. We suggest that you cut crunchy foods into smaller pieces and partly cook your vegetables before you eat.

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