5 Things Dentists Wish You Would STOP Doing!

stop doing

No one really likes going to the dentist.  While some people are pathologically anxious about visiting the dentist, most people don’t like going because they know their oral health habits aren’t up to scratch. Here are five things your dentist wished you would stop doing:

1. Using your teeth as tools

Your teeth are meant to tear and chew food; they are not meant to trim your fingernails, open bottle caps or be used as a pair of scissors.

Not only can biting your nails cause your teeth to crack and even break because of the pressure and friction it causes, but it also introduces so many germs and bacteria into your mouth. This can lead you to develop gum disease and chronic bad breath.

So, the next time you go to bite off anything you’re not about to eat, resist the urge.

2. Drinking soft drinks and sugar-free beverages

Most of us know soft drinks cause tooth decay, discolouration and tooth loss. This is especially the case if you sip on soft drinks all day because that means the sugar in the drinks stays on your teeth all day.

Sugar-free beverages aren’t always the healthier choice either. Flavoured mineral water, sports drinks and even sparkling water contain high levels of citric acid that is one of the main culprits of tooth and enamel erosion.

3. Sipping on drinks throughout the day or the evening

While coffee and tea are known for causing stains, you can still enjoy them on a daily basis. The trick is to not sip on your beverage throughout the day. By continuously sipping on your drink, your saliva won’t have a chance to recover from the acids and will get a low pH value itself, causing damage to your teeth. Once you’ve had your morning drink, make sure to rinse thoroughly with water.

The same thing goes for alcoholic drinks. Wine, ciders, cocktails and pre-mixed drinks, all contain high amounts of sugars and acids, softening and staining your teeth. Always drink lots of water in between drinks and before you go bed. Chewing gum and mints also help stimulate saliva production.

4. Ignoring bleeding gums

If any other part of your body started to bleed when washed, you would become concerned. Imagine your hands starting to bleed when washing them – you would probably go to the doctor! But for some reason, bleeding gums seem to be okay and a part of life. This is not the case and you should get your gums checked for periodontal disease as soon as possible.

5. Lying about your flossing habits

Do you floss on “a daily basis” but only the week before your dentist appointment? We know, we are dentists and experts at examining your teeth after all. We won’t get angry with you. The only reason we keep telling you is because your teeth would really love to get flossed every day!

If you know you’re a repeat offender of these points, it might be time to book in an appointment with the team at Iris Dental today!


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