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Adult braces can give you a straighter and healthier smile without metal braces

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is definitely not only for teenagers anymore. Thanks to modern technologies, there are treatment options now which are so discreet that many people may not even notice them!

  • Do you want a healthier and more beautiful smile?
  • Do you feel hesitant when it comes to traditional metal braces?
  • Do you wish to go through a treatment as non-invasive as possible?
  • Do you prefer a treatment that suits your lifestyle and is barely visible?

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The idea of undergoing orthodontic treatment is quite daunting because of the obvious appearance of braces. But orthodontics have come a long way since and you can now straighten your smile without your friends and colleagues noticing.

Find out all you need to know by downloading your copy of the guide now!

At Iris Dental, we have teamed up with zipMoney payment plans so you can get your treatment today, and pay later on an interest-free payment plan 

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